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FreePM  targets
  1. Client - server model
  2. Minimum intermediate layers from application to hardware
  3. Target "devices": memory, gengradd, Scitech nucleus, PM window, (?) printer driver
  4. Support for alfa-channel, anti-aliasing, shadows, OpenGL on window/window class level
  5. Support for (possible) userid on window level
  6.  Robust message subsystem
  7. Support for multiple and remote desktops
  8. Support for non-rectangle windows (?)
  9. Better OO support for windows, say, standard system menu with current window properties and window class properties
  10. Better API, usage of C++ classes in API
  11. Support for "skins"
  12. Robust ini usage, support for ini clearing and backup, (?)  text ini
  13. Compatibility with old PM programs on recompile basis, as minimum
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How to become developer
first you must register at SourceForge

How to get CVS tree:

Goto Hobbes, get CVS  vers 1.11.2 (latest) or 1.10.7
Make directory, make emty file ".cvspass" in that directory tomake CVS happy.
Make cmd with string below, run cmd and press "Enter"
cvs login
Change cmd to
cvs -z3 checkout FreePM